Can a chiropractor help a herniated disc?

Short answer is Yes. The chiropractor evaluates the spine condition first and then devices a plan for spinal manipulation. The procedure will be spread over days and weeks, and the chiropractor will constantly evaluate the progress made due to the therapy treatment. Surgery is recommended only in cases where there is no chance of normalcy and pain relief due to manipulation.

Can a person be paralyzed by spinal stenosis?

If Spinal Stenosis is left to progressively worsen, what starts of as numbness and tingling sensation would progress to pain, and as the prolapse gets more severe, there is a high chance for paralysis.

Can degenerative discs in your neck cause dizziness?

Degenerative discs by themselves pose no threat. However, degenerative discs will definitely impede on the spinal column and interject with the blood flow or chemically irritate the spinal column. Among the many effects like severe pain, numbness etc., dizziness is also a side effect.

Can having a big belly cause back pain?

The problem with a distended belly, is that the posture gets adversely affected as the vertebral column needs to skew to compensate for the excess load. As a result, there is significant pressure on the lumbar vertebrae, which will result in back pain.

Can herniated disc in neck cause vision problems?

Cervical vertebrae herniations, especially the C5 and C6 can cause vision problems along with other problems like numbness, pain etc.

Can losing weight help with spinal stenosis?

Losing weight is highly recommended in case of spinal stenosis. Losing weight actually has a beneficial effect in that it halts the worsening of Spinal stenosis. Carefully monitored exercising like low impact walking and swimming are recommended to increase mobility, flexibility and to prevent worsening of stenosis.

Can neck pain cause a headache?

Cervical and neck pain will definitely cause headaches, and it is the most common first symptom of prolapse or herniation.

Can neck pain cause blurred vision?

C5 and C6 herniations almost definitely cause vision problems, which if left untreated can lead to blindness

Can problems with your neck make you dizzy?

Cervical herniations, prolapse, can cause dizziness and blurred vision. Dizziness may manifest when the body is in certain positions which may be the point of maximum encumbrance for the affected nerves.

Can scoliosis be corrected by itself?

In general acute curvature cannot correct itself. However, curvature under 10 degrees as measured on the Cobbs scale is not considered abnormal, and usually they reduce on their own accord with proper therapy and exercising. Reversal of scoliosis for non acute curvature (under 10 degrees) can happen by itself especially in young children.

Can Spinal Decompression heal a herniated disc?

One of the main claims of spinal decompression therapy is to heal herniated discs. Spinal decompression helps release the load off the bulging, herniated disc and by doing so provides the space required for the disc to heal itself. In many cases prolonged decompression therapy can help completely cure herniated or bulging discs without the need for going under the knife.

Can Stomach fat cause pain?

Fat by itself is unrelated to chronic back pain. Stomach fat’s outcome is distended belly. Now that puts pressure on the lumbar vertebrae and that causes pain.

Can stress and anxiety cause neck pain?

One of the main side effects of stress is tightening of the neck muscles. In turn they cause rigidity and wrong posture which exacerbates neck pain.

Can you heal from a bulging disc?

There are several therapeutic and surgical processes that will assist in total healing from bulging discs. Endoscopic discectomy at Navaladi Endospine Care offers the latest in technology and the best in expertise and has helped countless people recover completely from bulging disc.

Can you lay on your back after back surgery?

It is generally OK to sleep in any position after back surgery. Some like to sleep on one side while many sleep on their backs. Surgeons recommend that a pillow be kept below the knees to alleviate pressure from the back totally.

Can you sleep in a neck brace?

Surgeons normally recommend a progressive transition to lying on a totally flat surface. Usually a U-pillow is prescribed that will support the neck perfectly. In general surgeons will provide alternatives to sleeping with a neck brace, but all conditions are not the same and therefore, it is better to go by the doctor’s advice alone.

Do neck braces help posture?

Neck braces usually limit the stress and the load on a particular section of the neck, thereby providing space for healing and recovery. Neck braces are designed so that the weight is skipped over a portion of the neck and hence there is room for healing to happen. So, in general no, neck braces do not improve posture. There are several back braces for improving posture.

Do spinal fusions work?

In cases of spinal surgery where a significant portion of the vertebrae have to be removed or operated upon, usually the adjoining vertebrae have to be given support. This is where spinal fusion becomes necessary. It is not an option, but a necessity. Spinal fusions may have restrictions on range of movement, but by and large, spinal fusion DO work, and are extremely effective solutions to attaining normalcy after a debilitating experience.

How bad is back surgery?

Back surgery is not bad. Back surgery can actually mean the difference between life or being in a vegetative state maybe even worse. Back surgery is the only recourse for people who are being debilitated by pain.