Medical Tourism

Spinal Health Issues, ailments and injuries are, by far, the most painful and the most debilitating and can literally spell the downfall on all sectors of lifestyle. With the advent of technology and with the availability of the cutting edge research findings, addressing the spinal health issues has become more approachable and commonplace than ever before. Many complications that were earlier not treatable are now completely treatable even as an outpatient.

The spine is the most protected part of the body, the vertebrae are a naturally evolved cage that protects the spine from physical contact, and at the same time affords a degree of flexibility to the body. In order to have this happen, the vertebrae have to be separated by a robust tissue that is tough and at the same time malleable. It is these discs and the vertebrae that develop issues as a result of age, injury and lifestyle. The evolution of treatment for this has been rapidly advancing and India is at the forefront of spine care.

As far as Healthcare destinations go, India is the most sought after. The volume of medical visas that have been issued have exploded voluminously, and it is clear that the most sought after destination is India and Chennai in particular.

The reasons for this are many. The level of expertise available in India are among the best in the world. The quality of surgeons and the experience with complicated surgeries is second to none. The whole aspect of healthcare is approached in a patient friendly humanitarian manner, as the country is a culture spanning thousands of years. The level of infrastructure and the communication network is second to none and the process of repair and healing is bound to be memorable.

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At the pinnacle of this Navaladi Endospine Care. The best surgeons with a vast history of experience, yet are approachable and completely down to earth, perform their duties like a calling and not as a profession. The patient can be guaranteed to have the best of treatment afforded anywhere in the world. Be it communication or processing of documents, the advantages by way of favourable currency exchange rates, every step of the way will be taken care of holding hands.

The Patient Care division at Navaladi Endospine Care is fully equipped to take care of your visa requirements, suggestions tailormade for stay and food, and will be at your side to ensure there is no barrier in communication. And on top of this, you are guaranteed the best spine care in the world.

All you need to do is get in touch with us via email, phone, message or the social networks. Our patient care representative will immediately be by your side virtually to guide you through every process and to dispel all your doubts.