Dr corrected previous 2 surgeries that did not take. I had a L4-L5 fusion He is professional and listens to the patient feedback. I should have started with him from the get go – gold standard in todays medicine.

Ryan Bruno

From your ability to communicate complicated MRI images and medical jargon in a way that made perfect sense to me, to your honesty and candid demeanor, to your ability to empathize, and obviously your extraordinary skill as a spine surgeon.


Dr.Navaladi Shankar is awesome as a surgeon as well as very personable. When I first went to see him I immediately felt comfortable to have him do my surgery. Prior to surgery and post-op periods, he was very caring and responsive to my concerns. I have recommended him to two friends with back issues. Dr. has gained my confidence and respect as a surgeon.

Jones Doe

I was only 38 when I found I had a herniated disc at C5-6, and pain was shooting . Although I was able to get the pain to a bearable level with physical therapy, I was still constantly feeling pain and my arm felt very strange and difficult to use. I did my research on different options online and I found Dr.Navaladi Shankar's website so that I could have the endoscopic discectomy procedure done instead of a spinal fusion. I Underwent the surgery and I am back to normal now after the procedure.. I thank and strongly recommend Dr.Navaladi for any endoscopic procedure