Cervical Laminoplasty at Navaladi Endo Spine Care

Removal of pressure from the spinal cord at the neck is all that the procedure of cervical laminoplasty is about. Pressure can be due to various factors like arthritis, bone spurs tumours or fractures. Spinal stenosis can also be the root cause for compression at the neck.

Who needs Laminoplasty?

At navaladi Endo Spine Care, the physicians first examine the patients with myelopathy, and the extent of suffering. The symptoms which usually are numbness and pain and general weakness in arms or hands can quickly manifest themselves out of proportion and may progress to a point where the patients may actually have extreme difficulty in using their hands.

A full examination along with X rays, MRIs will indicate to the surgeon the scope of action to be taken.

Now for the procedure of cervical laminoplasty.

The conventional method of laminoplasty is where an incision is made on either side of the lamina, which is the bone overlying the spinal cord. This is then moved aside as in a hinge thereby exposing the spine and the nerves. This will now give the spinal cord room to move about and thereby reduce the compression that was earlier on it. Now that the lamina is opened at the area of the compression and the spinal fluids can now flow around the area whatever disc compressions or burr that was the cause of the prolapse is now inconsequential.

Another surgical technique is there the lamina is cut in the middle and this is known popularly as the “french door” technique.

Though this procedure is performed under general anesthesia, this is a minimally invasive procedure and the surgeon does it through camera guidance. Therefore the extent of recovery is minimal. This procedure was first invented by Japanese surgeons. It has been used for over 35 years with excellent results.

Post surgical therapy is also vital to the procedure of laminoplasty and the patient has to go through the various therapeutic and supportive processes in order to recover fully and prevent recurrence.