Endoscopic Facet Rhizotomy – Eliminates everything chronic.

Chronic cervical or lumbar pain is brought about as a result of adverse postures, RSI and adverse work environments. Nerve roots are formed over the vertebral columns and over the years, owing to injury, degradation or adverse postures these nerve roots get affected and result in chronic pain. The most common causes of cervical and lumbar pain can be listed as follows

  • Failed back surgery indications
  • Chronic low back pain as a result of the above or generic
  • Chronic neck pain
  • Facet hypertrophy, joint arthritis and joint injuries
  • Whiplash syndromes

Over the years the pain coefficient starts to increase and often leads to disabilities.

The Procedure

The procedure begins with the patient being administered with a local anesthetic and intravenous sedation. The surgeon marks the surgical targets at the skin level under fluoroscopic guidance (which is x-rays), and a small cut (roughly 7 mm) is made on the skin and a tube is inserted to the target. The endoscope which is placed through the hole identifies the medial nerves on the target which are the cause for the issue. Then a laser is introduced which deadens these nerves with no impact on the overlying tissue or muscles at all. The camera and a guide light are usually on the outer layer of the tube that is inserted and by manipulating the tube the correct target can be identified and approached with no issue.The procedure comes to end with little to no scar tissue and the recovery and healing process is near instantaneous. The patient is encouraged to walk in a few hours of completion itself.

There is no tissue distress in this procedure, and the patient requires no hospitalisation. The patient is encouraged to walk around sometime after the procedure and then is free to leave. There are repeated consultations to ensure that there is no recurrence of pain and so on.

Facet rhizotomy is a great solution to permanent cure from root nerve issues.