Lumbar Spine Surgery – The benefits, the advancements and the Promise

Lumbar Vertebrae, the set that gets the most damage over time, and at the same time is one of the most crucial bone structures of the body. Of the normally occurring 26 vertebrae the five lumbar vertebrae are so vital in their function that damage to these cylindrical structures often proves to be debilitating to the patients.

Thankfully with the advancements in technology and the expertise at Navaladi Endospine Care, almost any type of lumbar problems can be handled with ease and confidence. In the cases of surgeries that require fusion as may be the cases of accidents which may require titanium implants as in the case of Sacroiliac Joint Fusion, conventional surgeries have parted ways for the most part to be replaced by minimally invasive surgical techniques.

In the case of lumbar spine fusion surgeries, technological advancements have brought convenience and precision to such an extent that procedures involve minor incisions that allow a tube with the endoscopic camera and light source to be sent into the body and guided instruments through the tube are used by our expert surgeons to remove herniated disc fragments, or tighten vertebra, or widen holes, of fuse problem nerve endings with laser.

Lumbar Spine Surgery at Navaladi Endospine Care – the single point solution to straighten your back problems. Be it advanced age patients, or professional sportspeople, the solutions are our state of the art facilities with world class technology and decades of surgical expertise.