OLLIF – Oblique Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion

Another popular type of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery is the Oblique Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion Surgery, where the surgeon approaches the problem area from the posterolateral angle. This means that the angle of the surgery would be from the back and the lateral side of the patient. Sometimes the surgeon may deem it fit to perform the surgery through what is called as the Kambin’s triangle, which is the area between the vertebrae as approached from the oblique side.

The surgical procedure is identical to XLIF, with the approach angle varying. A minimally invasive access is ensured and the endoscopic tube is used to pull out the affected disc and replace it with a cage and bone graft. The points of entry are minimal and there is absolutely no tissue or muscle distress. The patient gets to be on his / her feet almost instantly post surgery.

This procedure is used for various types of disc degradation and distress, such as

  • Disc prolapse
  • Compressed nerve
  • Spinal foraminal stenosis
  • Herniated disc

At Navaladi Endospine Care, the support given to the patients extend beyond the surgical procedures itself. In the case of OLLIF, since the recovery times are near instantaneous, there is no requirement for hospitalisation, and the patient is embarked on a therapeutic routine almost immediately following the surgery. In no time the patient gets to reclaim his entire range of movements and is guaranteed a healthy normal life.