XLIF – eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion

XLIF is a blessing for patients that require fusion on their spinal joints. This is a much gentler less invasive and quick recovery surgical technique that is lauded the world over. This is a minimally invasive technique where the surgeon makes a lateral incision and performs the surgery from the lateral side. As a result of this lateral approach, there is no need to cut the muscles of the abdomen or disrupt the muscles of the back, and there is remarkably less distress.

What are the advantages of XLIF over traditional fusion surgery?
There are several advantages of the mini TLIF surgery. For one things this is non-disruptive to the highest degree, in the sense that the surgery addresses the root cause and the root cause alone. There are no tissue and muscle distresses that happen in the course of surgery. As a result the recovery period is almost immediate and the patient is free to go in 1 or 2 days.

What is the post operative recovery scene?
There is very little hospital time after the surgery. The entire procedure is done minimally and there is little to no blood loss and there is no requirement for a drain even. The patients are good to go home in one of two days subsequent to the surgery. There may be a bit of tenderness at the operated site, which will normalise in a week. Subsequent consultations with the doctor are highly recommended and proper physiotherapy will make lifestyle normal within a few weeks.