ALIF – Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion

There are individual issues t where the surgeon decides that it is best suited to approach the surgery from the anterior angle, that is from the direction of the stomach. The patient is positioned on the back for this surgery and the surgeon makes the incision on the lateral anterior side. The reasons for this approach can be mainly if the patient cannot be positioned face down due to other comorbidities.

This is the most traditional form of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and the benefits is fairly instantaneous. There is very little recuperation time and the patient is on his/her feet almost as soon as the surgery draws to a close.

At Navaladi Endospine Care, the support given to the patients extend beyond the surgical procedures itself. In the case of ALIF, there is no requirement for hospitalisation. The decades of expertise at Navaladi Endospine Care come to play in the therapeutic assistance post surgery, where the patient is given a set of exercises to rehabilitate and normalise the spine, with well planned consultations, that lead to a permanent and gratifying cure.