Minimally Invasive Laminectomy Surgery

The vertebral column provides protection to the spinal column, Each vertebrae has an arch called the lamina, which encloses the spine and offers all round protection. However in some cases this lamina may become the cause of distress. In cases of bone spur, or in the case of hypertrophic spinal ligaments which is basically fattening of ligaments, or even injury, the Lamina may intrude into the cavity and may come into physical contact with the spinal column or, may apply pressure on blood vessels, which would lead to paralysis.

Endoscopic Laminotomy is a minimally invasive procedure where the point of entry is a mere pinhole, the surgeon guides a scope with the guide wires and an Endoscopic camera and the procedure is carried on with minimal tissue tear.
Laminotomy is conducted with almost an outpatient status, and after the procedure the patient can start movement in a matter of hours. The relief from the pain or tingling is almost immediate and the progress is palpable.