Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression

The human body consists of 5 lumbar vertebrae. The lumbar section, typically bears the brunt of the workload. The lumbar vertebrae are also the most common to face issues with advancements of age. Every vertebrae is separated by discs that help cushion the impact and reduce the load, absorb the shock, as it were. Now, these discs can get compressed over time and may result in deformation of the vertebral column if left untreated over a period of time. Extreme pain also restricts movement in the patients severely leading to wasting of the associated muscles and therefore leading to debilitating postures.

Spinal compression happens when, due to ageing or injury, the vertebra come into contact with each other and the discs annulus gets compressed or destroyed, and as a result there is pinching of the nerve root or the blood vessel. The surgical solution is the best way forward and through minimally invasive surgery, the compression can be relieved. However, minimally invasive surgery is sought after only after exhaustion of the other non-surgical treatment methods like traction and physiotherapy.

At Navaladi Endo Spine Care, Lumbar decompression is performed with the best surgical technologies available. The minimally invasive techniques ensures that the patient is up and about in no time with recovery periods virtually nonexistent. There is a system of post surgical therapies to ensure fitness and retained health of the patient, and ensures that the patient has a long pain-free life.