Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Laminotomy – Distress relief and perfect solution

What is Laminotomy after all?

The vertebra has a bony arch which protects the spinal cord from damage. This is called the Lamina. Spinal degeneration is common with ageing and many people experience some form of spinal degeneration over the years. Let us outline the principal causes that lead to the requirement of the procedure of laminotomy to take place.

Spinal stenosis as a result of deposit of fattening ligaments (hypertrophic spinal ligaments)

Bone Spur which is progressive facet arthritis

Bulging herniations or typical osteophyte deposits on herniations.

All of the above are common by products of ageing and apply pressure on the spinal cord or the blood vessels. The result of this could be back pain and radiating pain down the lower limbs.

Let us evaluate the Pain

Patients experiencing symptoms such as radial pain and shooting pain may be offered this decompressive surgical solution. During laminectomy procedure the surgeon removes part of the lamina, fatty ligaments, bone spurs, and/or herniated disc materials. This helps in relieving pressure inside the spinal column and leaves more room for the spinal cord and the blood vessels.

Usually the procedure commences with intravenous sedation of the patient. With adequate skin numbness being ensured, a small incision of usually 1 to 2 cms is made on the target area. After visualisation of the affected vertebrae, usually through fluoroscopy, the surgeon makes an opening on the lamina as per the requirement of the solution in order to release the spinal cord or the affected vessels. The process of affording relief from the painful nerve compression, will lay visible for the surgeon the neuroforamen or the spinal nerve canal and the surgeon can take a decision for the appropriate technique to decompress the affected nerve. After the surgery the incision will be a mere scratch after the instruments are removed, and therefore there is no requirement for extensive surgical dressing. The recovery period is virtually non existent and the patient is free to go after a few hours.

Minimal Invasive Endoscopic Laminotomy, the procedure that has redefined Pain relief in cases of pinching of nerves and spinal stenosis distress.